Corporate Services

  • Undertaking the handling of all procedures at the Companies Registrar
  • Undertaking appointments of Director’s office
  • Undertaking trustee’s duties
  • Services of Registered Office
  • Undertaking appointments of the Secretary’s office and discharge of Secretary’s duties
  • Assisting and Observing Statutory Books, Entries and Registrations
  • Providing Translations – Certifications services for Corporate Documents


  • partnership formation and dissolution
  • cross-border transactions and joint ventures
  • formation and use of trusts
  • international tax planning
  • insolvency and restructures
  • technology transfers and intellectual property rights
  • information technology
  • agency and distributorship agreements

Management of Companies

  •  Undertaking appointments of Director’s office and discharge of Director’s duties
  • Administering the Company’s invoices
  • Management of Banking Documents and Credits
  • Management of Banking accounts and transactions